GZ XINXING Tactical Combat Vest

It's adjustable shoulder strips together with Velcro closures together with tension straps across the sides to pull it for a comfortable fit. As a result of this adjustability, it is going to match anybody of average height that wears top size S to XXL. Like most of the finest tactical flashlights it is built on a base of nylon mesh that offers flexibility and first-rate venting. In the base you will find a succession of loops whereby you can thread a weapon and all over the torso region are sufficient flip-top pouches to suit any SWAT penis or diehard airsoft enthusiast. Hunters, mountain rescuers, personal safety professionals and much more will appreciate the flexibility of their GZ Xinxing tactical battle vest.

YAKEDA Tactical CS Tactical Vest

The vest itself is very mild, has a base of durable nylon net, a high heeled zipper down the middle and pockets and pockets to hold everything out of the searching GPS for your Glock. There is a pistol belt in the very bottom that helps you fasten this battle vest into your chest, 3 pistol mag pouches, a large pouch for carrying cubes and also a flip pocket to the first aid essentials. Somehow the entire thing manages to remain flexible rather than feels unwieldy even if it is packed to the gills. There is also a pocket to maintain a medium-sized hydration pack plus an integrated feed tube for this pocket. Overall a severe tactical vest to the military, law enforcement, and safety specialists.